EFTRE board starts planning conference 2022

We are staying hopeful! That was the message from the EFTRE board meeting on 21st November 2020. Even though the delegates had to gather on Zoom instead of the Mediterranean city of Valencia (Spain), the humour was good and everyone agreed: We want to plan the next conference scheduled for 2022 as a face-to-face meeting. Naturally, the dynamic evolution of the pandemic is being monitored and the programme developed in such a way that it is transformable to a digital setting.

In a lively discussion, participants collected ideas for the different parts of the conference: keynote speakers, workshops, city visits and social gatherings. In relation to the last two points the location of the conference itself has so much to offer because it is Rome! With its rich history, monuments and art collections and not least due to its significance for the Catholic tradition and beyond, Rome offers an inspiring setting for the conference. EFTRE Conferences always take full advantage of their locations with lots of opportunities for first hand learning experiences in the host city. This approach is also reflected in the search for an appropriate conference theme and there were reflections on the current provisional title, “Living Religion” – the EFTRE Executive will develop these ideas in the coming weeks and months.

Apart from the major discussion about the conference, delegates adopted several proposals from the Executive concerning the arrangements of finances, the development of a new website and more efficient systems of membership management.

New date EFTRE board meeting

Covid-19 unsettled almost all our calendars. That doesn’t exclude EFTRE! The board meeting, originally planned for the end of March had to be postponed. Now, a new date has been found. It will take place on 20th and 21st November 2020. Save the date! The place will stay the same. So EFTRE is looking forward to finally visiting the colleagues from Valencia, Spain!

New Executive and Board elected

During the conference in Dublin the EFTRE General Assembly took place as well. One important point was the appointment of the Executive and the Board of EFTRE.

In regard to the Executive, two new members were elected: Marios Kokounaras Liagkis from Greece and Bianca Kappelhoff from Germany. Former Executive member Florin Tomoioaga has stepped down but continues as the Board Member for Rumania. Thus, the members of the Executive for the next three years are: Lesley Prior, England (Chair), Elisabeth Faber, Denmark (Secretary), Hugo Verkest, Belgium (Treasurer), Sonja Danner, Austria, Outi Raunio, Finland (Communications Officer), Marios Kokounaras Liagkis, Greece and Bianca Kappelhoff, Germany. As the next Conference in 2022 will take place in Rome, Italian board member Orazio Ruscica or his representative, will be co-opted onto the Executive as well.

As for the Board, almost all country representatives agreed to continue in their roles. As Bianca Kappelhoff has now joined the Executive, she is also the German representative on the board. Furthermore, Eliana Hadjioannou joined the board as Cyprus’ representative.

Please note: You find a full list and description of the board members and the executive members on the EFTRE website.

Written by Bianca Kappelhoff