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EFTRE is a pan-European RE community full of rich learning opportunities and a place to share and build on good practice in the company of inspiring and like-minded people.

Map of Europe with flags.

RE in European countries

Find here information about RE in individual countries, including the legal frameworks, types of curricula, teacher training and more.

The EFTRE Family

Get to know the people who play an active part in EFTRE, from a wide variety of countries and contexts – all united by their passion for RE.

Aims of EFTRE

EFTRE is an organisation that is founded to contribute international cooperation of teachers of Religious Education in Europe. All the teachers, teacher trainers and organisations of RE are warmly welcome to our ”EFTRE family”. We want to offer a forum for teachers of RE to share their experiences, good practices and learn from each other. EFTRE also wants to strengthen and promote the position of RE in schools in the member countries and in Europe in general.

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