Cooperation with other Organisations

Cooperation with other Organisations

EFTRE maintains contacts with various groups and organisations at European and national levels. These regular exchanges are invaluable in enriching our members’ perspectives on RE, help us to identify common topics of concern and offer mutual support and cooperation in organising events.

If you are interested in cooperating with EFTRE, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chair.

Logo of CoGREE.


The Coordinating Group for Religion in Education in Europe (CoGREE) promotes the co-operation between associations, organisations and networks which deal with a range of issues in the field of religion and education, e.g. concerning the teaching of religions in schools as well as of Christian schools and religious responsibility in the area of European education policy.

CoGREE serves the following aims:

  • Exchange of information among the member organisations
  • Clarification of common interests
  • Agreement on common activities
  • Representation of common interests beyond CoGREE.

Currently, CoGREE has six members. Apart from EFTRE, these are the Intereuropean Commission on Church and School (ICCS), the International Association for Christian Education (IV), the European Committee for Catholic Education (CEEC), the European Forum for Religious Education in Schools (EuFRES) and the network on spirituality and sustainability PILGRIM.

The members’ representatives meet twice a year. EFTRE is represented by its chair Lesley Prior.

Further cooperation partners

Thanks to the variety of its members, EFTRE has numerous connections to other organisations in the field of religious education on national and European level.