Online workshop on “Longing for peace – Strategies for the RE classroom”

Friday, 1st April 2022 at 4-5.30pm CET (3-4.30pm UK/IRE, 5-6.30pm FIN/GRE), on Zoom

The current challenges arising from Ukraine are affecting all of us living and working in education across Europe. As religious education teachers, you might be wondering how to take up the topic in a sensible way in your classroom, how to talk about peace as core idea of many world religions in this new setting or how to best react to fears and questions brought up by your students in this context. 

With this workshop, EFTRE would like to offer a space for exchange, which will provide the opportunity to share experiences and expertise from our various contexts and backgrounds and learn from one another. The workshop will follow these guiding questions.

  • How is the current situation affecting you right now?
  • Where do you encounter these issues at school? Are pupils moved by it?
  • How can religions give (spiritual) shape to the longing for peace, especially in religious education classes?
  • How do we learn peace? Do you have tips for materials, methods, …?

The workshop will provide time for exchange in plenary but also in small group discussion. In addition, Norman Richardson, EFTRE executive member, will share his experience from the Northern Irish context and strategies on how to teach controversial issues.

In a spirit of mutual support, ideas, practical suggestions and resources shared by speakers and participants during the workshop will be made available via the EFTRE website later on. 

You don’t need to register for this event, please simply follow this link to participate in the zoom meeting:

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