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What does Religious Education contribute to Education?

Talking Heads – Video snippets from practitioners

Challenges for Religious Education in the C21st – What does RE contribute to the general aims of education?  

This mini-project is aiming to collect a range of views from practitioners (teachers, teacher educators, researchers and others) involved in Religious Education from across Europe. If you would like to contribute then please make a 30 to 90 second “talking head video”* giving your answer to the question above. You can then either send the video to Paul Hopkins () or upload it to YouTube and send the link to Paul. Please make the video in landscape format. Any Qs please contact Paul at the above address.

If you were at the Dublin conference then please do consider making a contribution you might want to respond to the ideas from the speakers on RE’s contribute to future thinking, to inter-cultural dialogue, to mysticism or to building bonds and bridges.

*Please make the video in landscape format and in English (or in Home Language with a transcript in English) in any video format but with the best sound you can manage!


Professor of Religious Education
​University of Dortmund. Deutschland, Germany
Elisabeth FABER 
Teacher of Religious Education
Danmark, Denmark.
Dorthe ENGER
Teacher of Religious Education
​​Hasseris Gymnasium. Danmark, Denmark.
Church Training College
Suomi, ​Finland.

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