Conference in Rome 2023 (15th)

The 15th EFTRE Conference in Rome

24-27 August 2023

Please note:
We are constantly uploading keynote presentations and material from the workshops. Have a look!

Bridges over Troubled Waters – RE in changing times

Current times in Europe easily feel as if several storms are raging at once. With increasing nationalisms, polarisation, and pluralisation as well the pandemic, climate change and not at least war in Ukraine, no calm seas seem in sight. A challenge for all and especially for the young children and adolescents growing up in these demanding times. One can easily feel overwhelmed and dis-oriented as if pushed under the water by the waves of these developments.

At the EFTRE conference, together we are looking for safe bridges to find a path into a brighter future. You will have opportunities to analyse how RE can and must adapt to this new scenery in contemporary European societies. Insightful keynotes and practical workshops will enable you to consider how RE might offer a context in which children and young people can reflect on what it means to take their place within this complex world. Visits to local organisations and sites in Rome complete the conference programme.