Conference archive

Conference Archive

EFTRE has run a Conference every three years across a range of European venues. These Conferences have provided a wide range of input about the teaching of Religious Education in various settings and drawn delegates from over 30 different countries. You can access the archives from these Conferences from the links below.

2019: The XIVth EFTRE Conference: Dublin, Ireland

Reconciling Realities in Religious Education

2013: The XIIth EFTRE Conference: Malmö, Sweden

Religion and Relationship

This conference explored the contribution of Religious Education to questions around gender, sexuality and difference.

2010: The XIth EFTRE Conference: Bruges, Belgium

Poverty and Social Inclusion as European Issues

This Conference explored the contribution of Religious Education by teachers, teacher educators and academics within the framework of the European theme for 2010 of combating poverty and exclusion.

2007: The Xth EFTRE Conference: Budapest, Hungary

​The contribution of RE to active citizenship

​This Conference considered how Religious Education can contribute to the development for active citizenship in the expanding and plural Europe.

Lake and trees.

2004: The IXth EFTRE Conference: Järvenpää, Finland

RE educating the whole person

A look at the way Religious Education contributes to the wider education of the person as human. How RE is an essential part of a wider holistic educational process.

2001: The VIIIth EFTRE Conference: Edinburgh, Scotland

​The contribution of RE to active citizenship

A look at the nature of truth and the delivery and teaching of truth claims to pupils in the classroom. What questions of ethics arise from the teaching of the Philosophy of Religion and the Nature of Truth? The conference also looks at teaching truth claims in the new Europe of the 21st century.

1998: The VIIIth EFTRE Conference: København, Denmark

RE into the 3rd millennium

A look at the state of Religious Education in Europe at the end of the 20th century and an investigation of the place and role of Religious Education within the education system as we enter the 3rd Christian millennium. The conference also considers the place of Religious Education in a multi-faith and multi-cultural Europe.

Conferences prior to 1998

The EFTRE Conferences prior to 1998 do not have archives of materials available.

  • 1995The VIth EFTRE Conference: Hamburg, Germany:
    RE as contribution to changing school into a workshop of humanity.  
  • 1992The Vth EFTRE Conference: York, England:
    The contribution of RE to teaching about the environment.
  • 1989The IVth EFTRE Conference: Heeëwijk-Dither, Nederland:
    Narrating for the future.
  • 1986The IIIrd EFTRE Conference: Linking, Sweden:
    Man in a changing world: an ethical challenge.
  • 1983The IInd EFTRE Conference Cyborg, Denmark:
    Tradition & renewal, the images of language and the language of images.
  • 1980The Ist EFTRE Conference Helsinki, Finland:
    New religious movements.