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Workshop Archive

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Online workshop on “Longing for peace – Strategies for the RE classroom”

Friday, 1st of april 2022, on Zoom

The workshop dealt with the war in Ukraine, how to take up the topic in a sensible way in your classroom, how to talk about peace as core idea of many world religions in this new setting or how to best react to fears and questions brought up by your students in this context.

There are free resources available from this workshop.

Online workshop on teacher training module “Signposts”

Friday, 19th March 2021, on Zoom

The workshop dealt with the religious dimension in intercultural education. Dr Angelos Vallianatos from Greece introduced the recently published teacher training module on this topic “Signposts”, a resource by the Wergeland Center and the Council of Europe. In small groups, the participants had the chance to try out some parts of this practical tool.

There are free resources available from this workshop.

Online workshop on “Teaching RE in times of Covid-19”

Friday, 20th November 2020, on Zoom

The EFTRE workshop offered a space for exchange and collegial support in these difficult times. As a starting point, Bert Roebben from Belgium and Sonja Danner from Austria, shared their reflections on the pandemic experiences and its consequences for teaching Religious Education. These were followed by some discussion and exchange among participants.

There are free resources available from this workshop.

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Local workshop for Danish Teacher Association

Friday, 29th November 2019, Copenhagen (DEN)

When the EFTRE executive came together for a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, some of its members took time to meet with colleagues from Danish RE organisations. Representatives from primary and secondary schools in Denmark took part in the meeting. The focus was on an exchange of information. The Danish colleagues explained how RE works in Denmark on various school levels. The executive members from their side shared about how EFTRE works on the European level. Together, they reflected about how their organisations can work together in the future.