What’s going on? (RE in Europe)

What’s going on in Religious Education in Europe?

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ICCS and IV newsletter Dec 21 out now

ICCS together with its partner the IV hast just published the most recent issue of their common newsletter. In this rich edition you can learn more about a research project about Religious education and Covid-19, about an innovative Erasmus+ project about sustainability… More

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Online Conference on storytelling and RE

You are interested in how to use storytelling for making a case for Religious Education? Within the framework of the Cooperating Group on Religion in Education (CoGREE), the two EFTRE executive members Lesley Prior and Bianca Kappelhoff, recently co-organised an event series… More

New developments for RE in Germany

Traditionally, Germany is known for its model of confessional RE. Over the last couple of years, voices have become louder for more cooperation between the different RE lessons. The churches in Lower Saxony, one regional state in Northern Germany, are now opening… More

Religious Education and Brexit

Religious Education and Brexit Implications of Brexit campaign in the UK for Religious, Citizenship, Moral, Intercultural, Political and Human Rights Education Robert Jackson – Professor of Religious Education The fact that the majority of young voters in the UK voted to remain in… More